Learning and development at Adaptive Lab

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At Adaptive Lab we're committed to continuous improvement. We see our personal and professional development as something that happens on a day-to-day, week-by-week basis, instead of just at annual appraisal time. In fact, we hold our reviews every six months, and collect feedback throughout and at the end of projects. Think of it as 'real time' development. 

We see this a shared journey. Everyone, at all levels and disciplines across the studio, can influence and support each other's growth. ALabbers commit to living these three key behaviours:

  1. Sharing authentic and considered feedback in real time and welcoming feedback from others
  2. Taking a coaching stance by actively listening and encouraging each other to push it further
  3. Regularly reflecting on our own actions, processes and habits to see what is creating most value and what can be improved

Tools to help you 


This is a customisable Trello for gathering together notes on your development. It being customisable, means that you can decide on what level you want to use the board, and delete whatever you don't find helpful. For example, you might just want to track your 6 month development goals or really get into some regular reflection and self-analysis! 

You can keep it private if you want to add more personal reflections OR you can add your Development Manager to the board to enable you to tag them on cards such as Development one-to-one notes. 

The board is designed to help you track your impact and reflections in real time so that when you come to 1:1s and review time, you've got a really clear picture of what's been happening recently. 

Set timers on relevant cards to help you prep for and complete notes on actions from your 1:1s.


Instead of using the direct message function create a Channel in Slack for you and your development manager to share 1:1 actions, weekly reflections and goals, and sync your Trello board to it. This means you have a more trackable record of all your progress. 

Feedback cheat sheet

If you're new to giving and getting feedback, brush up by reading our Feedback resource. On that page you will find the prep sheet and cheat sheet to help you get ready for feedback conversations. 

People to help you

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  • Your Development Manager
  • Your Community of Practice 
  • Your Project Lead
  • Your Project Team
  • Talent Manager - Kayleigh

Your Development Manager is a Principal or Associate Principal who is assigned to supporting the development of a small number of ALabbers at a time. They will work with you to create a plan for your development and be responsible for your reviews which happen twice a year. Decide together on how frequently you want to meet and which tools you will use to communicate and track progress. 

Your 'Community of Practice 'are ALabbers with whom you share a discipline or role in the organisation. For example, this could be around a discipline like Service Design, or a role like Project Leadership. Your CoP will get together regularly as well as support, coach and mentor each other on an ad-hoc basis, and are focused on continuous improvement of the practice. 

Your Project Lead may book one-to-ones to discuss your contribution at a project level and how you can have the best impact. They will also facilitate Retrospectives with the team to support your collective continuous improvement. 

Your Project team have a great insight from working with you day-to-day. Make sure you ask them for feedback regularly to build a picture of your strengths and improvement areas. 

Kayleigh is our in-house Talent Lead, and can answer your questions about career development, feedback, roles and reviews.