Name of tool

Start with a short (ie two/three line) description of the method and what it's for.

Good for:

  • list some things that this tool works particularly well for

Bad for:

  • list some things that this tool doesn't work for

How to use

  • step by step instructions


Describe what you get at the end – both the format and the content. EG: dozens of ideas for new products, on post-its grouped into categories.


  • What software or services could people use to do this?


How long does this take to do – both in elapsed time and active time.

What you need

  • people
  • equipment
  • space & wall-space


  • other sites
  • books
  • template documents we've made


Who at Adaptive Lab has used this lots, and could answer questions or help others to do this?


  • A place to put other observations/experiences of what works well and works badly when you use this tool
  • This will probably start off quite free-form and we can learn what other sections the page template will need based on this content.