Project Retrospective

A retrospective is a workshop involving the team on a project. Retrospectives are used to reflect on the time that has been spent by the team on the project in order to bring up issues on time and improve performance for the next sprint or project. Retrospectives are used at the end of each sprint and each project.

Good for:

  • Improving performance of the team
  • Getting the team together
  • Talking about process not project specific work

Bad for:

  • Burning issues that need solved immediately (don’t wait until retro)
  • Personal issues between colleagues on the team

How to use

This is the standard version we use. There is a link to alternative versions in the notes below.

  • It’s sometimes helpful to write on the board what has happened roughly since the last retrospective
  • Make a space on the board for - 
    • Went well :)
    • Didn’t go well :(
    • Actions >
  • Gather the team in a space
  • Ask the team to write for 5 -10 minutes all their Went well and Didn’t go well comments on post its
  • Each person shares their most important 1 or 2 post its 
    • Give everyone time to explain their notes if needed and you can quickly discuss when necessary.
  • When actions arrive the facilitator should note them on the board 
  • Continue to go around the team sharing 1 or 2 post it’s at a time
    • Note: this way if you run out of time the most important topics will have been covered and everyone will have had a chance to speak.


  • Write up the notes and distribute the actions to the team
  • Add the notes to the Evernote notebook 


How long does this take to do (both elapsed time and active time)?
Allow for 1 hour
A large team may take longer

How long does this take to prepare?
5 minutes

What do you need

  • People
  • Post it notes
  • A white board or wall



Who at Adaptive Lab has used this lots, and could answer questions or help others to do this?

Kat, Mark, Katy