Prototyping technique

Paper prototyping

The simplest form of prototyping, paper prototyping consist in sketching or printing a quick template with a few interface elements that can be swapped around to mimic a set of interaction the user goes through. 

Good for:

  • Testing multiple ideas and options in quick succession.
  • Iterating the prototype in between testing sessions.

Bad for:

  • Designs that require complex  interactions or architecture.

Level of fidelity


Level of development

Paper prototype is probably the easiest way to quickly get feedback on an idea at its very early stages. A simple sketch or printed wireframe can do wonders when you find yourself in need to visualise and share ideas with you team. Testing with paper prototypes can be difficult as paper prototype is not a medium users are familiar with.


In terms of time paper prototyping takes usually very little. A quick sketchy design in Illustrator or Sketch is enough to get things going.