Uncovering meaningful insight: analysis processes 

Caretaker: Kayleigh

Meaningful insights – a 5-point framework 

Uncovering meaningful insight: 

The key to uncovering meaningful insight is good analysis. The key to good analysis is…. process!

When conducting analysis you are looking for patterns and commonalities but then critically thinking:

  • "Why is this a pattern?"
  • "Why is this unexpected?"
  • And ultimately "Why is this meaningful?"

An analysis framework will help you: 

The analysis process

A simple technique that is used by many of the biggest companies: Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Nokia, Microsoft; 

  1. DOWNLOAD: Ahead of time all team members capture most salient observations from their experiences on cards / post its
  2. TELL STORIES: Each person tells the rest of the team the story of their experiences; others note down any new observations that fall out from the story telling
  3. SET THE DECK: Stick everything up on the wall or on the floor, remove exact duplicates only
  4. CREATE: Systematically put observations into small related groups (6 - 12 observations per group).

Ensure groups are driven by the connected theme content of the observations (e.g. “mode as method of meaning creation”), not by pre-determined or business-y headings (e.g. Point of Sale).

You are not looking to cluster similar observations together; you are looking to build a number of interesting packages.

  1. MAKE THE IMPLICIT, EXPLICIT: Look for connections or commonalities within the groups of observations and provide possible explanations for why they might exist (your starter insights)
  2. CODIFY: write insights out clearly and concisely on different coloured post it notes and place around your group of observations. Ensure insights include what you spotted in the observations as well as the explanation for it...
  3. BRAIN POOL: Tour the room looking at the insights created & using them to spark new / fresh ones
  4. PLAY BACK: play insights back to one another; validate them within the group and then sharpen them using each others language / experience
  5.  USE THE 5 POINT FRAMEWORK: hone the insights to razor sharpness using the 5 point framework to ensure meaningfulness.