Interview guidance

Caretaker: Kayleigh

Best practice tips

  1. Keep session in reasonable time frame; 2.5 hours max (if covering a lot of different topics to keep it interesting), 90 minutes is standard
  2. Don’t overload it; you need space for lateral enquiry. Follow the 15 minute rule allowing around 15 - 20 minutes for each “topic” or piece of stimulus in your session
  3. Make each group fairly homogeneous; think about the effects of age, gender, power, “tribe”
  4. Ensure your sample is robust enough: at least 3 per sub sample ensures you don't have any anomalies
  5. Actively moderate: control group dynamics, keep to time, probe and tease out insight…
  6. Mirror and echo: display attentive listening and affirmation signals to encourage elaboration and route your questions and discussions in their vocab
  7. But don't lead: neutral, open questions, open body language, watch the non verbal cues you are giving out.