Extreme Rock Paper Scissors

A fun and quick game that engages the entire room from a groups of 4 people to 55 it doesn't matter. The nice thing about this as an energiser is that it is not feel too silly or embarrassing and everyone knows the rules.

Good for:

  • Large groups
  • Limited time
  • Quickly getting energised
  • Learning peoples names

Bad for:

  • Small groups

How to use

  • Get everyone standing
  • Explain that it's a rock paper scissor tournament
  • Ask them to find their first opponent
  • The most important rules are: winner is best of 3 games and when counting you 'draw' on  the count of 3.
  • Explain that looser becomes the winners cheerleader and the go on to face another winner. Explain that cheerleaders must cheer their winner with hoorays and shout their name and continue to back the winner of each game.
  • This continues until there are 2 players left.
  • Countdown for the first game to start.


5 Minutes to explain
5 Minutes max to play out full game  (it's faster than you think)

How long does this take to prepare?
No time at all.

What do you need

  • People



Mark and Katy have used this.