Experience Prototyping

A technique used to recreate the experience of using a product or a service by using any means necessary to convey of its reality (Real world environment, props, role-playing...)

Good for:

  • Gives an empathic understanding of people's emotion while going through an experience
  • Gives a more contextual idea of how people use products and services in a real environment. 

Bad for:

  • Can be long to implement and run.
  • Can be costly to build if too much detailed.

How to use

  • eg, do you design in the tool, or create images and upload them?


How long does this take to use & to learn


  • prototypes we've made with this tool


Who at Adaptive Lab has used this lots, and could answer questions or help others to do this?


  • A place to put other observations/experiences of what works well and works badly when you use this tool
  • This will probably start off quite free-form and we can learn what other sections the page template will need based on this content.