Company Retrospective


  • Retro is a safe space to confront frustrations and things we do well
  • A safe space for major blockers to be uncovered and solved
  • Awareness and space to look back 
  • Learn from mistakes and improve ourselves and processes 
  • Growth (Personal v Company)
  • Working together 
  • Identify and solve problems
  • Random Venting
  • Learn from mistakes
  • To reflect on personal habits and behaviours
  • To be used to make the company really good to work in / at
  • Share best practise
  • Voice quibbles and group think to solve them
  • Feedback
  • To drive behaviour which will have a direct impact on team output and happiness
  • To strengthen team relationships
  • To improve on existing processes
  • To see suggestions for improvements carried through and measured


Sessions around undefined goals: there is an interest to do them every month, at least less regularly than the Defined goals.

Sessions around defined goals: people were interested to find out and vote for specific topics. They would prefer a more flexible structure on the defined goals (e.g: moving to another topic once the previous one feels like it’s changing for the better.)


On the week before:

  • Find your topic a week before the sessions
  • Share the topic and agenda to the team
  • Explain why is it important (for people, for company) Tell participants what needs to be prepared
  • Follow up regularly to know who will attend
  • Do a quick summary of what happened last time Set up a calendar invite
  • Make sure you’ve got everything prepared (props...)

During the session

  • Do a check in and check out day
  • Set up goals and outcomes
  • Set up the agenda
  • Ask for feedback at the end
  • Make sure that everyone has an action to follow

After the session

  • Do a recap of the session
  • Share the recap with the team
  • Re ect how the session went (start, stop, continue...) Make sure you’ve found facilitator for the next one Follow up on the actions identified by the team